Just Dropped


From beach accessories to neoprene essentials, there's always something new in the Surfline Shop. 

It’s always a love and hate relationship with booties. You don’t always need to surf with them, but sometimes, you can’t surf without them.


The catchiest part of the Solite Booties – they mold to your feet, and it’s pretty easy. All it takes is some boiling water, a heat booster sock, and 20 minutes of your time. If you mess up or your foot grows - you can remold at any time. These booties provide supreme ankle support, and best of all, eliminate the sloshing booty we all love to hate.


Shop Tip: Size Down. They’re meant to stretch and move with you. 

Ultra-plush for the fall winter season. If you struggle to get into your wetsuit, or you’re living where it’s just too damn cold, it’s time for an ultra-plush Changing Poncho. Made from 100% thick terrycloth cotton, this poncho will hold you close and keep you warm post surf.

Made with 100% Yulex, a natural plant based rubber – Alt is an alternative performance wetsuit, made with you and the environment in mind. The Alt features a unique water strainer around the ankle to reduce pooling and introduces a new stitching process to increase flexibility without compromise.


The price tag is heavy - but the sustainability is worth the cost.

If you haven’t watched Maps to Nowhere, you better have a good excuse. Captured by Surfline’s own Billy Watts, this undisclosed spot is made for the idealistic surfer who spends hours watching Surfline cams from around the world, wishing they were there. Printed on white aluminum, these prints are lightweight and ready to hang with no framing needed.